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Al Battello Hotel Restaurant



Located in the ancient village of Morcote, one of the most evocative places on Lake Lugano, Il Battello is a family-run restaurant and accommodation. In a cozy environment, in the shade of the ancient arcades overlooking the Ceresio bank, you will find hospitality, courtesy and typical dishes of the local tradition. For twenty-eight years Milan and Radica have been managing the place with care and love for detail, offering attentive and discreet hospitality. Il Battello is a destination for tourists who love peace and the enchanting lake landscape.

The characteristic narrow streets, the porticoes of the ancient patrician houses, architectural monuments of great value and luxuriant subtropical vegetation make Morcote the "pearl of the Ceresio". Located just 10 km south of Lugano, the village retains its historical intimacy and its ancient beauty also thanks to the fact that the entire historic core is accessible only on foot. Of significant artistic-cultural as well as architectural interest are the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso, the terraced cemetery, the monumental staircase and the Torre del Capitano, the last bulwark together with the Castle (today privately owned) of the ancient fortifications. The Scherrer botanical park, also known as the "garden of wonders", alone is worth a visit. The park, rich in luxuriant subtropical vegetation and buildings and works of art of various kinds from all over the world, was left to the municipality of Morcote by the widow Scherrer in 1965, with the explicit desire to open it to the public. This Eden, inserted in an impressive world of subtropical flora including palms, camellias, wisteria, oleanders, cedars, cypresses, camphors, eucalyptus, magnolias, azaleas, oranges, lemons, bamboos and many species of fragrant flowering plants, attracts and enchants every visitor .


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